Kevin Nowalski

Front End Developer


My name is Kevin Nowalski and I am a Front End Developer located in Michigan. My interest for computers started back in my first semester at Wayne State University. This led to me learning about how important the internet had become to society. The internet is a great marketing resource and I want to help businesses achieve their goals. Currently, I build clean responsive and effective Landing Page Websites. My skills: WordPress, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.



BlueCollar is a long running showcase, known as Detroit's best regular hip hop event. Resident DJs Dante LaSalle and Deon Jamar mix through out the the night w/ host John Walking Cloud. This showcase is hosted every first friday of the month at The Old Miami located on 3930 Cass Ave Detroit, MI 48201.


DJ Keefer has 35 years of experience in Djing. He started from the age of 16 years old working for a local record store called "Temple Records" off Crenshaw Blvd and 29th Street in Los Angeles, Ca. In 1991, he started DJing for a night club called "The Shark Tails." In 1992-1998, he DJ'd at a club in Marina Del Ray called "PIZZEA." He was the resident DJ for 6 years. Both clubs closed in 1998.


Bidding for Projects is Time Consuming

As long is it takes to actually site down and put together a website, it takes as much time or longer to put together bids on sites like,, or  It’s a very time consuming process of coming up with the right things to say or answering all the fields that they require… Read More »

$5 Landing Page

Hey everyone.  My latest custom Landing Page is up and running as you are viewing now.  It’s responsive, so you can view it on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.  Also, if you are looking for a Landing Page site of your own, you can have me do it for you for only $5… Read More »

Binary Computation through PHP

  In one of my recent interview coding questions, I was asked to write a function that would add two numbers but without arithmetic expressions. I thought to myself, how exactly would you be able to do that? What could they be referring to? After numerous Google searches I stumbled upon someone mentioning 2’s complement.… Read More »