John Morris Theme Layout

I just randomly checked out John Morris’s website: and noticed his layout had changed.  I like it a lot.  Looks responsive and has some slight fade up animations.  The color scheme is nice too.  Like a Pittsburgh Steelers yellow type theme color.  I use to like the color yellow or even this type of yellow… Read More »

Good Experience with Layout Control

Building sites using Bootstrap has giving me good experience with layout control that I like.  Responsive design is the standard nowadays, if not the main requirement, and Bootstrap does a good job with the classes that it has available.  Basically, looking at a page in the format of container, row, column, simplifies how you can style a… Read More »

I pushed myself in 2017

Everyday I pushed myself to do something developer related in 2017. From building my own projects, learning code, to writing cover letters and resumes.   Now I’m a Landing Page Developer on Upwork with consistent work.  Next week I have a possible opportunity as a Front End Developer part time.  Who knows what’s next.  The point… Read More »

SlideShare – Landing Page Packages on Fiverr

What’s going on everyone?  This is your friendly neighborhood Front End – Landing Page Developer Kevin Nowalski.  Today, I made a PowerPoint slide and uploaded it to SlideShare.  It was fun creating the presentation and I wanted to share it.  I’m currently offering Landing Page packages over on Fiverr.  Let me know what you think… Read More »

Hire me on Upwork

I’m currently creating Landing Page websites.  Basically, Landing Pages are the first page everyone sees when they land on your site.  They usually have some unique purpose like promoting a product, service, or just displaying information.  My latest Landing Page sites have anchor links that when pressed shift the viewpoint down the page but still keeping… Read More »

Roll the dice – Web Developer Career

So there’s this Cintas guy, you know the uniform delivery guy, that comes to my job every Tuesday and we have this ongoing joke.  Basically I joke around that I play the Casino slots, which I don’t, and I try to convince him that the only way you’ll ever win is if you play.  For… Read More »

How I built my Landing Pages

I recently commented on this article on how I built my Landing Pages: Here’s the comment: “Great article and this gives me more ideas on how to build Landing Pages.  I recently build some Landing Pages with a Bootstrap layout to WordPress functionality such as this one: and this one  These sites have… Read More »

Bidding for Projects is Time Consuming

As long is it takes to actually site down and put together a website, it takes as much time or longer to put together bids on sites like,, or  It’s a very time consuming process of coming up with the right things to say or answering all the fields that they require… Read More »

$5 Landing Page

Hey everyone.  My latest custom Landing Page is up and running as you are viewing now.  It’s responsive, so you can view it on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.  Also, if you are looking for a Landing Page site of your own, you can have me do it for you for only $5… Read More »

Binary Computation through PHP

In one of my recent interview coding questions, I was asked to write a function that would add two numbers but without arithmetic expressions. I thought to myself, how exactly would you be able to do that? What could they be referring to? After numerous Google searches I stumbled upon someone mentioning 2’s complement. Binary… Read More »