Roll the dice – Web Developer Career

So there’s this Cintas guy, you know the uniform delivery guy, that comes to my job every Tuesday and we have this ongoing joke.  Basically I joke around that I play the Casino slots, which I don’t, and I try to convince him that the only way you’ll ever win is if you play.  For the most part, he is always telling me that I need to save my money cause you’ll never lose if you just don’t try at all.  Me, I’m thinking this actually relates to Web Developer careers in a way.  When it comes to gaining experience, you’ll never get it if you don’t try.  This is why most of us inspiring Web Developers have a hard time getting started because we are just waiting for the chance.  Doing tutorial after tutorial is great, but if you don’t actually build a real world project, you won’t gain any experience.  Like I told the Cintas guy, you’ll never win unless you play.  You might lose a lot but eventually you will hit the big one!  Well I know this isn’t a great comparison but you get the picture.  Stop sitting there not playing and start putting coins into your career.  I’m actually telling myself this so don’t mind me.  Anyways, subscribe to my newsletter so you can stay up to date with what I’ve been doing as I progress to a Front End Developer career.  Talk to you later.


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